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REVEAL Latent Images with maximum…




using today's most advanced
Enhanced Latent Image Developer

New tools and features make the E-LID (Enhanced Latent Image Developer) the most advanced technology available today.

Imaging indented surfaces is a technique-oriented process. The design features of this new system recognize that changing ambient conditions affect the end imaging result. The powerful, easy to use E-LID incorporates features not found in any other system.

Dynamic control

Variable output and dynamic control of electrostatic charge provide unprecedented flexibility and sensitivity in response. No other unit on the market offers control of the positive charge using a separate power unit as well as variable output from the negative control.


Defines more subtle indentions. Offers more refined image enhancement and sharper, detailed resolution.


E-LID is adaptable to environmental conditions, such as ambient humidity and temperature. User can re-do sections of interest from the lift “on the fly” and develop more subtle indentions.

Safe & Environment-Friendly

NO high voltage wire exposed. Possibility of shock is virtually non-existent. Ozone output is minimal.


Featherweight charging wand. Ergonomic handle. A fraction of the weight (only 18 pounds) of other models on the market.

Revolutionary New Image Enhancement Technology

The wand provides a variable negative output ranging from 7KV(–) to 14KV(–), so that an operator has the flexibility to evenly saturate the surface of the film barrier. The result is a more uniform charge across the surface.

A positive, controllable output is built-in and preset at 7KV(+) to charge the plate and condition the plate side of the film. This active process is an advancement over passive systems. The positive charge section has its own on/off push button switch and green light.

The film barrier is a non-conductive (dielectric) insulator that can be charged on either side with opposing polarities, and only the E-LID actively charges both sides of the media.

Extremely upgradable—modular components, including control unit and vacuum plate
Built-in storage compartment.
Warranty: Limited one-year parts & labor
Patent Pending

(800) 379-3988

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