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and Resources

Weldon & Associates have a fully equipped document examination lab that includes microscopes, imaging devices, lighting methods (involving radiant energy in the ultraviolet, visible, infrared and other regions of the electromagnetic spectrum), as well as electrostatic devices for the detection and/or visualization of indentations present in or on paper or similar substrata.

Weldon & Associates maintains a reference library of Document Examination texts, research papers, and articles, and a fully equipped private laboratory as defined by ASTM standards.

  • Stereo Microscope with incidental and trans-lighting
  • Ultraviolet Examination (paper and markings)
  • Magnifiers and various measurement tools, including typewriter grids and overlays
  • Infrared spectroscanner (ink examination; non-destructive procedure)
  • Photographic evidence (production of exhibits for courtroom demonstration)
  • Detection and reproduction of indented writing (Latent-Image Development; non-destructive procedure)

By Referral:

  • Ink comparisons - thin-layer chromatography (TLC) (destructive testing)
  • Video and Audio Tape Enhancement
  • Latent Fingerprint Examination
  • Electron Microscopy - Paper, Ink, and Fiber analysis
  • Typewriter and copier analysis

Weldon & Associates invite inquiries regarding procedural steps and protocols in possible or ongoing examinations. Billing practices can be explained with a short conference by phone or fax.

(800) 379-3988

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